Goals for summer writing

This summer, I want to work on taking core ideas about learning, technology, and classroom practice and making them easy to read. I tend to be wordy and, at times, obtuse, so I want explicit practice in paying attention to HOW I’m writing as well as WHAT I’m writing.

Goal 1: write posts that are meaningful to teachers

Goal 2: write on topics and ideas that lay a groundwork for longer-term dissertation goals.

Goal 3: clarify (at least at this point) what longer-term dissertation goals ARE and goals for being happy beyond that. These need to go into words… not just be nebulous “things” that are “out there” and will be “figured out later.”

Goal 4: I also want to open up my early writing to teachers so I can get perspectives on how I’m speaking to them (or not). No use not being understood.

Goal 5: learn multiple things from the writings that I read.

Theory by Wallace Stevens



2 thoughts on “Goals for summer writing

  1. scottfilkins

    Whew…I was glad to see Goal #3 after reading Goal #2! 🙂 I remember being in classes where people would share what they’re “interested in,” which is code for what they’re probably dissertating on…my problem as a practitioner/grad student was that my interests were always “everything.” Looking forward to seeing your writing here this summer!


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