Seven Steps to a Dissertation

Ok, here is an adaptation on Seven Steps to a Thesis.

  1. I would like to study how teachers make decisions with and about technology use in their curriculum, and how schools support their professional development.
  2. I am studying influences on teachers’ professional uses of technology, how their pedagogical choices play out in the classroom, and how schools support them.
  3. I am studying how teachers deploy technology in relation to other curricular and pedagogical choices they make, and how those choices are influenced by informal and formal professional development.
  4. I study the nature of teachers’ classroom technology use: what informs it, supports it, constrains it, and develops it.
  5. I study how teachers’ choices around technology influence student learning.
  6. I study the ways teachers plan for and integrate digital devices in their pedagogy, how that is affected by school, and how facilitates student learning.
  7. I study how teachers think about, plan with, and integrate technology into their practice, how those choices are shaped by their school and national context, and how learning with digital devices facilitate student learning.

So. big. still. How can I consider teachers, schools AND students thoughtfully enough?

But, I needed something to work with, so that’s what this does. Big picture also helps me ask for the contextualized ways I might see these things play out.

Let’s try it out on an abstract of a case study I need to write:

As teachers have increasing access to class sets of digital devices, an important question becomes “how are teachers thinking about and using these devices to support student learning?” This case study considers one rural High School teacher and how he positions and draws upon technology in a traditional Senior English curriculum and a non-traditional Media Communications course.

Findings: In the two spaces, he uses technology facilitates differing aims, in the former, curricula, and in the latter, authentic student choice, though he doesn’t recognize it as such. Also, the school provides formal and informal supports for his technology use in his classroom and professional roles. 

eh, it’s a start.


Also thinking about today…

– this post on Inquiry vs. Standardized Content


For future writing… 

– write something about bookmarklets for cross-device platforms (like Pearltrees, dotepub, printfriendly, and Flipboard) – this is important because it allows teachers to work on multiple devices and facilitates bringing things from app to app

– maybe write about each of those – like riff off this post about reading student blogs using Flipboard – students can also curate using flipboard



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