what I might do for digital artifact project #2


Perhaps I could play more with creating an ebook.

I could use Creative Book Builder, or BookCreator for the iPad.

Or, I could use iBooks Author.


Well… I could talk about graphic organizers.

I would want to work in theory.

I could work with the tangrams metaphor of curriculum design. But I like that more with a moving demonstration, so I don’t know about that – time matters in thinking through that.

I could work with assembling resources – but Flipboard does that better.

Digging Deeper into Graphic Organizers 

Why am I interested in graphic organizers? The heuristics, the strategies that through their form they help you consider. I would want to do some research on graphic organizers and how they

I would want to talk about how the technology of the graphic organizer is designed

I want to think about how graphic organizers are only one way to make sense of the world – how can we invite others?

How can they invite talk / social curation?

How can I bring in culturally relevant pedagogy / practices in the process through looking at graphic organizers?





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