Literacy Narrative

I liked this project for the multiple purposes it served. I had to compose a narrative, get to know someone in the program, and present to an authentic audience. I was able to take the structure of the project and play within it, and at the same time show off a very cool lady I’m spending lots of time with in these next two weeks.

The only difficult part I had was ensuring good audio with the shots that I wanted to take. I wanted to capture Breanne’s ‘return to UIUC’ and so it was important to film in places that she used to be in. The shots around the English building, seeing the new atrium, poking around her old classroom – they were all important to establish sense of place, but the audio on my iPad wasn’t as sophisticated to always catch her voice (even with the tweaking I wanted to do).

It was quite powerful to listen to Breanne talk about her successes, how she achieved them, and also about the vulnerability she had about coming back to writing. I think of the ways I avoid putting my writing ‘out there’ sometimes, and how I drag my heels even for myself.

In my classroom this fall, I might ask my students to consider how their own literacy narratives might impact their own assumptions about their classes. It’s so important to recognize the ways we make sense of the world, and how that shapes not only what we do, and how we do it.


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