Reflection on Monday, June 13th

How I feel today 

The word I shared with the group was ‘anxiety plate’ – it was from today when Ellen said she didn’t want to make us anxious by putting too much on our plates. I laughed and drew the following:

My plate is much more full than this one.

A more direct reflection 

So far the writing in UIWP has called upon publishing writing in a different way than I usually do it. I rarely ever put up half-finished posts, because they are often for a specific audience. I do a ton of process writing for myself, and often present it in conversation with others, but don’t let the interweb see my process writing. So many posts in so few days – quite the experience!

I did notice that today I had to get back to a more solitary place – this is such a good group, but I have definitely gotten into a writing and life routine that doesn’t involve so many people all of the time. I’ve noticed I’m taking more lunches by myself to relax, and I’m currently sitting with my headphones on so I can focus to write this. Lots going on for a Monday!

Good – all of it – but a lot.



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