how my car ended up hanging by its tires from a tree

A piece of writing for Melanie’s teaching demonstration.

On Tuesday morning at 10am, a white 4-door Honda skidded off of the Sewell’s Falls bridge and ended up hanging from a set of powerlines like a fish strung up on a bait hook.

Eyewitnesses say that they heard the car horn blaring and looked up to see driver, Terri Tardon, 37, of Wachussett, MA, careening off of the local bridge. “She looked like a beardless Yosemite Sam, all bright red in the face and a revolver waving out the window.”

“I bet she was looking to drive right into Lenny’s A+ VIP Lounge” said Dorothy Cullen, 79, who was out on her daily power walk. “That man of hers was always in there, I bet she had had enough.”

Whatever prompted the ____, Terri’s arc was interrupted by a set of power lines, which caught up in her wheelhouse and the car proceeded to swing, bellowing Terri stuck there until firefighters arrived, disarmed her, and took her down in the bucket truck.



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