reflecting on the summer

in writing group today we filled our talking time thinking about changes that could potentially help the schedule be more creative, purposeful, collaborative, generative. the following are a few thoughts that try to build on the really good things that are happening (just trying to encourage more):
writing group still being hour and a half (maybe 1:45?) but more writing-marathon-based –  a leader proposes writing in a location. these choices could be led by the coaches in the first week but led by participants in other weeks. yes, this model would disrupt set writing groups, but encourage more interesting spaces and places to write. participants can choose to go on adventure with a leader or go off on own (if go off on own, come together with similar people for last half hour). This would help make writing time a more collective experience, while still giving opportunity for people to make their own choices.
thinking about foregrounding talk within writing time – have talk take place early, mid, or end – that way group can explore together, use talk to facilitate what they’re thinking about at that time, or at end to reflect (example: writing adventure to Classics Library. Go explore and find oldest book/oldest checked out book/most interesting story etc – talk about it, write about it until end, share if want). observation: we get good feedback but have no immediate opportunity to act on it.
more purposeful reading time / tech time. Think about projects that depend on collaboration like literacy narrative. Perhaps do tech time three times a week, and reading twice a week to give longer chunks of time. Have different tech days devoted to one-off projects like Hack Your Notebook. Have reading time be more purposeful in general (consider opportunity for various audiences here).
Overall, thinking about individual artifacts from collaborative endeavors – right now it is mostly individual artifacts from individual endeavors.

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